The health and well-being of our people is at the forefront of everything we do. Everyone safe everyday - is our commitment that safe projects are successful projects and that all injuries are preventable.
Our Health and Safety Program provides the basis from which we train and improve safe practice and operations at sites. However, safety is more than just following rules. It is about attitude, discipline, thoroughness in methodology, the safe management of people and equipment and most importantly, the ability to anticipate and prevent hazards and control risk.
SQA is one of the first, if not the first company in Malaysia to implement weekly Safety Appraisal reporting board of all our workforce and subcontractors at every site. This will assist us to manage and monitor safety compliance, as well as creating safe work attitude and culture.
Our daily morning exercise is an integral part of the safety program by helping to enhance mental alertness and reduce work injuries.
Our daily tool box meeting would ensure tight communication between site management, safety officer and all workers.