SQA's Specialty

As a progressive construction company SQA is an experienced Industrial Building System (IBS) user. Where feasible and to client’s requirement we deploy this construction process as an alternative to conventional and labor intensive construction method. We see many benefits of using the IBS as it reduces the need to depend on unskilled workers, wastage, and enabled better quality control, among others. However, construction cost is an important consideration for our clients.

Below are key projects where we deployed our specialty and strength:


Project Size: Total Build-up area is 30,000m2 on 23 acres land.

Construction Timeframe: 1/10/2011 – 15/05/2012. Overall completion period is 7.5 months which includes sectional handover of production building including air condition system installation within 5 months. We are tracking the schedule well as planned. This is one of the many projects under our management that reflect our name, SPEED.

Construction Method and Specialty:

Piling – 300mm spun piles with driven length on average of 52m with PDA Test to every single pile, totaling 1,754 points. Piling work completed within 1 month using 12 piling machines.

Elevated Slab System – Using ground beams and slab (300mm) suspended 1.2m from the ground. This method is a cost-saving alternative for developing on highly critical expansive and hydro collapsible soils and areas with high water tables. This method reduces the need for soil preparation (import/export/re-compact) and accompanying spoils – thus reducing building cycle time.

Portal Frame – SQA designed structural steel portal frame for this project, primarily using steel-reinforced precast concrete. The connections between the columns and the rafters are designed to carry bending forces. This makes portal frames a very efficient construction technique to use for wide span buildings.


Project Size: Total Build-up Area is 29,304m2 on 88 acres of land.

Construction Timeframe: 12/11/2010 – 02/03/2012

Construction Method and Specialty:

Similar to the Wistron Project, SQA used extensive piling work with 3,073 piling points to prepare the ground for the large structures. We successfully employed 70m single span portal frames without column to support the wide span building. SQA installed slotted (concealed) drainage system which has been recognized as the most effective solution to water removal problems given a wide ground surface area is required for 9,000 car park spaces. SQA is also one of the few contractors to build 1KM Test Driving Track in Malaysia.

SQA is one of a number of Japanese contractor companies in Malaysia that introduces morning exercise across all divisions as part of the workday discipline. We believe preparing our staff with fresh body and mind will help contribute to better physical and mental well-being.